Brow Lifts In New Jersey

Brow Lifts New Jersey

Also known as a forehead lift or browplasty, a brow lift is a surgical procedure that raises the forehead to restore the position of sagging eyebrows and smooth worry lines and wrinkles. In some cases, it can also help lift drooping eyelids and tighten loose skin that is obstructing the field of vision.

A brow lift can be performed as a standalone procedure or in combination with other complementary treatments, such as an eyelid lift, neck lift, or facelift, as part of a more comprehensive cosmetic plan. The treatment offers an ideal solution for patients seeking facial rejuvenation that will reverse the effects of gravity and contribute to a more youthful appearance for many years.

At Dermatology Institute and Laser Center, Dr. Ros and her skilled team use cutting-edge technology and techniques to achieve brow lift outcomes that look completely natural. Book an appointment today to learn more about brow lifts and take the first step toward the smoother, tighter, and younger appearance you desire.

Why Dermatology Institute?

At Dermatology Institute and Laser Center, we offer a state-of-the-art environment where medical expertise meets artistry to achieve exceptional dermatology outcomes for patients with a vast range of different treatment goals. From accurate diagnosis to the development and implementation of personalized treatment plans, Dr. Ros and her dedicated team provide warm, compassionate, and innovative care to every patient who walks through the clinic doors.

With two easily accessible locations in Clifton, Rockaway and North Bergen, New Jersey, Dermatology Institute and Laser Center is a leading provider of medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments with a proven record of outstanding patient care and results. Brow lifts are one of our areas of expertise, so call us today to book a consultation and experience the Dermatology Institute and Laser Center difference for yourself!

Benefits of Brow Lifts

A brow lift procedure can have numerous benefits. Some of the most significant are listed below:

  • Achieve a Pleasant Facial Expression – As you age and experience the effects of gravity, your face may begin to sag and take on a tired appearance. In some cases, worry lines combined with drooping skin may even give the impression that you are permanently unhappy or angry. A brow lift can brighten your expression and reduce or eliminate frown lines altogether. Regain a more pleasant, youthful appearance and increase your approachability with a one-time procedure expertly performed by Dr. Ros and her team.
  • Turn Back the Clock – One of the major benefits of a brow lift is that it effectively smooths wrinkles and facial lines. In addition, the procedure can lift the skin around the eyes, opening them more widely to achieve an alert and youthful appearance.
  • Restore Full Visual Field – In cases where drooping brows or eyelids are actually obscuring part of the visual field, a brow lift can give patients the opportunity to once again see the world around them without any barriers.
  • Enjoy Long-Term Outcomes – Unlike dermal fillers, which need to be regularly touched up and re-administered, a brow lift procedure is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment that can last for a decade or more.
  • A Customizable Treatment Option – A brow lift isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure. Many brow lift techniques exist and Dr. Ros will design a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

The vast majority of patients seeking brow lift treatments are good candidates for the procedure. That being said, patient health is the number one priority at Dermatology Institute and Laser Center and Dr. Ros will take the time to understand your medical history and current health status in-depth before moving forward. If you are not a suitable candidate for a brow lift, an alternative option will be recommended to help you meet your treatment goals.

Generally speaking, brow lifts are recommended for patients who:

  • Are over 40 years old (though genetic factors can sometimes also make younger patients suitable candidates for the procedure).
  • Have drooping brows, heavy upper eyelids, and/or deep wrinkles on the forehead (horizontal, vertical, or both).
  • Are in overall good health and able to safely undergo surgery.

Being a smoker does not automatically disqualify you from being a brow lift candidate, but you must be willing and able to stop smoking immediately prior to and following surgery. Book an appointment to speak directly with Dr. Ros for more information.

Types of Brow Lifts We Offer

At Dermatology Institute and Laser Center, we offer several different types of brow lift procedures. Which one is right for your particular circumstances and situation will depend on your facial features, aesthetic goals, and personal preferences. Four of our most popular brow lift options are detailed below:

Lateral Brow Lift

Also known as a temporal brow lift, a lateral brow lift focuses on lifting and restoring the aesthetics of the brow arch and the outer portion of the brow (the temples). Lateral brow lifts are less invasive than many other brow lift options and offer a quicker recovery period with less bruising and swelling. However, they do not smooth skin or address deep wrinkles in the central region of the forehead.

Ultherapy® Lift

Ultherapy® is an advanced, non-invasive treatment option that uses ultrasound technology to safely lift the skin of the forehead (it can also be used on the neck, chin, and other areas of the face). Ultrasound energy stimulates collagen production, which naturally plumps skin, eliminates wrinkles, and reverses the effects of gravity. The results of Ultherapy® last approximately one year.

About Dr. Adriana Ros

Dr. Adriana Ros, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., F.A.A.D., is a leading, board-certified dermatologist who has been practicing medical and cosmetic dermatology for more than 15 years. Currently the Chief of the Dermatology Department at Hackensack UMC Palisades Hospital in North Bergen, New Jersey, she is known for her professional expertise, warmth and compassion, and personalized approach to dermatology treatment. Dr. Ros is committed to providing patients with innovative treatment in a state-of-the-art setting and is licensed in both New York and New Jersey. She has refined her brow lift technique hundreds of times over and looks forward to achieving natural-looking results for every patient she works with.

What To Expect for Your Brow Lift

As you prepare for brow lift surgery at Dermatology Institute and Laser Center, you will be provided with detailed instructions tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. In general, it is recommended that patients:

  • Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the surgery.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Prepare for recovery with ice packs, ready-made meals, pain medication (as recommended by Dr. Ros), and a comfortable place to rest.
  • Arrange for a support person to take them home and care for them immediately following surgery.

On the day of your surgery, you will be welcomed to our clinic and made comfortable with local or general anesthesia prior to undergoing your procedure. Following surgery, you will be carefully monitored until our knowledgeable team determines you are ready to go home.

Recovery and Results

As you undergo brow lift recovery, it is typical to experience swelling and bruising in the upper face. Bruising should resolve within 1-2 weeks, while swelling may continue to gradually decrease over a period of several weeks. Most patients can return to work after approximately 1 week of rest, but a longer recovery period may be necessary if your job is physically demanding.

Within a few weeks after surgery, the final results of your brow lift should be evident, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of tighter, smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.

Potential Risks and Complications

Like all surgical procedures, brow lifts do come with the risk of potential complications. Though extremely rare under the expert care of Dr. Ros, these may include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • The accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Tissue damage

To learn more about the potential risks associated with brow lift surgery and any specific considerations based on your medical history and health status, make an appointment with Dr. Ros.

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