Four Things You Shouldn’t Do At Your Next Dermatology Appointment

Sometimes, what you do to prepare for a dermatology appointment is just as important as what you don’t do when you get there. Help your dermatologist help you by keeping these four don’ts in mind during your next appointment.

Don’t Wear Nail Polish
While you might not think of nails as being related to the skin, nails and cuticles can provide subtle clues that help dermatologists diagnose rashes, hair loss, painful sores, and much more. Remember to book that manicure for after your next dermatology appointment, not before!

Don’t Skip Your Skincare Routine
While we don’t recommend wearing makeup to your next dermatology appointment, we encourage our patients to stick to a regular skincare routine – no matter what. While many of our patients want us to see their skin in its “true form,” you shouldn’t skip your daily routine, especially if you’re using topical medications for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or acne. We’ll still be able to evaluate your skin properly and can better understand how it’s responding to your current regimen.

Don’t Leave Medications at Home
Like any other medical provider, your dermatologist will need complete information about your current medical history and medication schedule to make informed suggestions and diagnoses. We sometimes hear patients refer to a product as “the blue one,” or “the one that starts with the letter A,” which could be any number of therapies. Even subtle differences – such as the percentage strength or whether it’s a cream, a gel, or an ointment – can make a profound difference, and we need to know exactly what you’re using. If you don’t feel like carrying your complete skincare routine around in your purse, take a picture of the products before you leave home.

Don’t Forget to Ask Questions
We want you to get the most out of your dermatology appointment, which is why we encourage our patients to come prepared with any and all questions they have for us. Whether you’re wondering about a specific skin concern, a cosmetic treatment you’ve been curious about, or ways you can enhance your skincare routine, no question is too big or small.

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