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Many people dream of erasing facial lines, folds, and wrinkles to achieve a more youthful complexion. With Restylane, a safe and effective hyaluronic acid dermal filler utilized to smooth and rejuvenate skin, that dream can become a reality.

FDA-approved for the treatment of fine lines on the face and the enhancement of volume in the hands, Restylane is commonly injected into the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds (creases that extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth), jawline, and more. It’s biodegradable, contains no animal products, and is engineered to mimic your body’s own compounds as closely as possible.

At Dermatology Institute and Laser Center in New Jersey, Restylane is a high-demand cosmetic treatment option. Known for natural-looking outcomes, it’s suitable for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Ros and her skilled team expertly administer Restylane injections to achieve long-lasting outcomes that truly turn back the clock and help patients glow with confidence day in and day out.

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How Restylane Works

Restylane works by rejuvenating the skin from within. It mimics hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that boosts collagen and elastin levels in the human body and aids with soft tissue growth.

As aging occurs over time, natural HA levels decrease. This contributes to an overall loss of skin plumpness, firmness, and volume, resulting in the development of lines and wrinkles.

Restylane injections fill gaps that have developed beneath the skin and attract water molecules that ultimately smooth out wrinkles and restore a plump, even, and youthful appearance. Areas commonly treated with Restylane injections include the lips, cheeks, area around the mouth, jawline, and the backs of the hands and feet.

Restylane Benefits

Restylane treatments can offer a multitude of benefits to patients. Some of the most notable are listed below:

  • Minimally Invasive – Restylane injections are a minimally invasive treatment option that can be comfortably administered in-office with little to no downtime afterward. If you’re looking to lift and rejuvenate your skin without undergoing a surgical procedure, Restylane may offer an ideal solution.
  • Safe and Effective – Restylane has been an approved cosmetic treatment for nearly three decades. As a non-animal hyaluronic acid filler, it’s rarely associated with allergies or adverse reactions.
  • Long-Lasting – Patients who receive Restylane injections can expect the cosmetic benefits to last for six months or more without any touch-ups required. The exact length of time recommended between treatments will, in part, be determined by the location of the treated area.
  • Eco-Friendly – Restylane is biodegradable and does not contain any ingredients derived from animal tissue.
  • Natural-Looking Results – Restylane is known for its ability to help patients achieve realistic cosmetic outcomes that don’t appear frozen or unnatural.

Am I a Good Candidate for Restylane?

Most patients wanting to address mild to moderate wrinkles, lines, and folds who are in good health overall are excellent candidates for Restylane treatments. That being said, your wellness is our top priority and our experienced team will carefully evaluate your medical history and current health status before making the decision to administer Restylane. In the event that you are not a good candidate for Restylane, we’ll suggest an alternative treatment option to help you achieve the results you desire.

Some of the concerns commonly addressed with Restylane treatment include eye bags, hollow cheeks, marionette lines, thin lips, smile lines, wrinkled hands, and more.

About Dr. Adriana Ros

Dr. Adriana Ros, D.O., F.A.O.C.D. F.A.A.D., is a board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist who has been practicing for more than 15 years. Currently the Chief of the Department of Dermatology at Hackensack UMC Palisades Hospital in North Bergen, New Jersey, she is licensed in the states of both New York and New Jersey and has earned an excellent reputation over the years for innovative dermatology treatments administered with the utmost warmth and compassion. Dr. Ros and her team are highly experienced with Jeuveau injections and look forward to helping you achieve your treatment goals.

What To Expect From Treatment

Restylane treatments are performed on-site at our state-of-the-art clinic and typically take less than an hour. After an initial consultation, the treatment area is cleansed and may be numbed with a topical anesthetic, depending on the circumstances. Next, Restylane injections are administered. Often, multiple small injections may be administered into the same treatment area to ensure even distribution of the filler and achieve natural-looking results.

Recovery and Results

Patients can typically return to their daily routine after Restylane treatment with little to no downtime. Depending on the patient and the targeted treatment area, mild redness, bruising, tenderness, or itching may occur. These types of reactions tend to clear up within a week (sometimes slightly more for Restylane treatments involving the lips) and can be addressed with simple measures such as rest and icing. Strenuous exercise, smoking, and the consumption of alcohol should be avoided in the first 2-3 days following Restylane treatment.

Results may be evident almost immediately after Restylane injections and will reach their full potential within 4-7 days, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of skin that is plumper, fuller, smoother, and more youthful in appearance.

Patient Testimonials

The staff were very friendly and helpful and the waiting room was very clean and comfortable, not to mention that Dr Ross is one of the best dermatologist in North Jersey, I have been a patient of Dr Ross for almost 8 years, she cares so much about her parents health.
Adel Nammour
Adel Nammour
I had an appointment with Dr. Adriana Ros for laser treatment of my skin and I’m very satisfied. She was very professional and gave me consultation answered all my questions and her assistant was very attentive and caring towards me, nice and clean office and friendly service. I would recommend Dermatology Institute for everyone!
Natalya K.
Natalya K.
No wait time (hopefully there will be no wait time next time as well) plus super friendly and professional supporting stuff! The office manager scheduled my daughter to see doctor Ros the next day. Doctor R was very patient with my 3yo, explained everything very well. Definitely recommend her practice!
Monika K
Monika K
It was excellent.. all involved in taking care of me was amazing.. Dr Ros is the best! Easy to talk to and explains in detail everything she is going to do. Answers any questions you may have and does not rush you out the door. I highly recommend her!!
Maria Merm
Maria Merm
* Professional and friendly staff. * Dr. Ros is an amazing dermatologist. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and truly skilled. I couldn’t be happier the care that I received.
Mukundha Maneyapanda
Mukundha Maneyapanda
Great staff and Dr’s in this location and also North Bergen. I have a very delicate skin condition (perioral dermatitis) and I remember I went to different Dr’s trying to figure out what I had this rash on my face and no Dr could’ve pinpoint the problem. As soon as Dr.Ross checked me, she pinpointed my problem and gave me a solution. I am so thankful for Dr. Ross and the rest of the staff and Dr’s.
Celia Moreira
Celia Moreira
Dr Ros was so thorough and compassionate. She took her time, listening to all of my elderly mom's questions and concerns. It was a delicate situation and Dr. Ros was excellent!! Alex prepped my mom before she saw Dr. Ros. Without Alex's suggestion for my mom to get a body check, the hidden pre-cancerous spot might not have been detected and treated. Thank you for the extra care. Mabel was also part of the excellent team. Thank you. If I could, I would give 10 stars!
Susan C
Susan C

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The price you’ll pay for Restylane depends on many factors including your insurance coverage, the scope of your treatment goals, and the quantity of Restylane required to achieve them. Our dermatology team will discuss the cost of Restylane treatment transparently with you before administering injections to ensure that you are comfortable moving forward.

The length of time your Restylane treatment lasts will depend on many factors including your age, anatomy, metabolism, and treatment area (lip treatments tend to dissipate more quickly than those in other areas of the face). Generally speaking, you can expect the effects of Restylane injections to last for six months but they may last much longer depending on the circumstances. Extending the longevity of your Restylane treatment with touch-ups as needed is recommended.

In general, Restylane treatments are not associated with any long-term effects. That being said, our dermatology team will carefully assess any potential risk factors based on your medical history and current health status and develop a personalized treatment plan accordingly. Patients who have undergone numerous dermal filler treatments may be at a higher risk of adverse reactions to Restylane injections than those who are undergoing this type of cosmetic treatment for the first time.

There are various Restylane products, each tailored for specific use cases. They include Restylane Refyne (for moderate to severe facial wrinkles), Restylane Lyft (for cheeks and hands), Restylane Contour (for addressing volume loss in the midface), Restylane Silk (for lip augmentation), and more. Dr. Ros and her team will advise you which Restylane product is best suited to your specific treatment goals.